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Lexander is an international vertically integrated science, engineering, and communications company with diversified interests and investments in the fields of aerospace, aeronautics, defense, microwave and RF, analog innovation, industrial design, scientific instrumentation, virtual reality systems, arts + entertainment investments, and new media enterprises.

With over forty years of experience in Internet infrastructure architecture and engineering, RF and microwave technologies, aerospace and astronautical engineering, graphic and industrial design, contemporary arts, trademark and intellectual property protection, and space communications technologies, Lexander is helping to engineer better frameworks for the future through a convergence of science, technology, and art.

As angel investors in the philanthropic sector, we provide generous grants to new and emerging representational, conceptual and avant-garde artists, in particular queer cisgender and transgender women and all LGBTQ artists in general, as well as artists in developing and oppressed societies. Our principal venues for nonprofit art exhibitions are located in West Hollywood, California and New York City. Please see Lexander Contemporary Art + Design for more information.

Business and investment proposals may be submitted to [info AT lexander DOT co].

Domain name requests, trademark and intellectual property protection service inquiries, and website business proposals should be forwarded to [domains AT lexander DOT co].

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